Exhaust Tight Fan Draught Stopper with Heat Shield Technology (320mm Diameter)

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Exhaust Tight Fan Draft Stopper with Heat Shield Technology- 320mm Diameter is used with ceiling exhaust fans to stop air flowing in the reverse direction. It has a flap which automatically closes when the exhaust fan is off to minimise air leakage within the building envelope and therefore make it draught-proof. The Heat Shield provides a radiant barrier and insulative R value in hot Australian climates.

Made of moulded plastic, this draught stopper damper will sit on top of the exhaust fan in the ceiling/loft space.

Please Note: This product is not suitable for fitting over exhaust fans with heat lamps

Made in Australia

Size: 320mm diameter (internal) / 350mm external diameter, 160mm Height

(For shipping purposes - cubic weight is 6.9kg per item)