External Membrane Tape 60mm (25 metres) Roll (Black)

Efficiency Matrix


ProctorWrap High Tack Tape 60mm (25 metres) for external building membranes like ProctorWrap CW-IT and ProctorWrap HTS-IT is high tack (strongly adhesive on clean surface) and ideal for taping up joins in external construction and vapour-permeable membranes to produce an air-tight seal, around windows, overlaps and penetrations.   


  • Hi Tack for taping up joins, penetrations and around windows external wall wrap or Building membranes
  • UV & humidity resistant for up to 2 months
  • Receive 10% discount if you purchase a box of 10 units

(Not recommended for use with ProctorPassive Rainscreen building membrane product)

ProctorWrap High Tack Tape PDS