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Efficiency Matrix

EM Standard Residential Specification Infopack (pdf)

EM Standard Residential Specification Infopack (pdf)

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Efficiency Matrix Standard Residential Specification Infopack

In Australia, Air-tightness testing is coming (ISO AS/NZS 9972/ATTMA TSL1).  It's in the current building code (NCC 2019) and it's only going to become a more and more a critical part of how we build homes in Australia. This EM Standard Residential Spec Infopack, covers Air-tightness and Insulation consistency, highlighting key areas/weaknesses that contribute to insulation inconsistency and air leakage and offering practical solutions for improvement.  A perfect document to modernise existing specifications in Australia. (15 page document, with diagrams.)

Note:- This document has been written primarily for the climatic conditions in the southern parts of Australia (NCC Climate zones 6 & 7 - mild temperate and cool temperate).

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