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AWAIR, CO2 & Air quality Monitoring to your smart phone

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Awair measures the indoor air quality by reading five data points in the air: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOCs and Dust. It then analyses their aggregate levels to determine the air quality of a specific space, assigning it an Awair Score on a 0 to 100 colour-coded scale. 0 being poor air quality and 100 being awesome.

Awair is smart. It learns from your habits and lifestyle preferences. Simply tell Awair what matters to you most, such as allergies, sleep or productivity. It will track daily air quality levels in a given room and give you recommendations to help change your behavior, based on what’s important to you.

Advanced Sensing Technology

Each sensor is first pre-calibrated by the sensor manufacturer and then goes through a chamber-enabled calibration procedure on our production line to maximise accuracy. Each sensor is placed into a specific location to ensure there is enough space for natural airflow and consistent readings. Awair uses dedicated CO2, dust, and VOC sensors.

Hassle Free Setup and Updates

Awair utilises both Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi to get users up and running quickly and securely. We also included a pincode to add a layer of security that is often missing in IoT devices. Awair uses automatic “over the air” (OTA) downloads for firmware updates. New features will be periodically added without any user effort required.

Intelligent Offering through Advanced Analytics

Awair gives tailored advice based on the set preferences, the user’s in-app behaviour and a detailed analysis of the environment. The Awair score and solution cards reflect these factors. The result is personalised and effective guidance for each user.

Our recommendation will soon evolve as we combine the indoor data with outdoor weather conditions and start providing range of information: descriptive (what happened?), diagnostic (why is it happening?), predictive (what are trends?) and prescriptive (what to do?). The data analytics of our indoor environment conditions will fundamentally change how we design and build our homes.

Connect with Smart Home Devices

With the goal of driving new era of indoor comfort, we built our server and API to enable massive data processing and two-way communications. Awair will work with connected devices such as thermostats, smart watches, fans, and much more in your home. Integrated product offerings are expected to roll out early next year. We are also developing Awair inside, which will bring the same state-of-the-art sensing capability and Internet connectivity from Awair.

If you have a smart device or system, want to access our API, or interested in integrating with Awair inside please contact us.