Fire Rated Downlight Covers (Box of 50)

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Fire Rated Downlight Cover (Box of 50)

  • Suitable for up to 13W LED recessed lighting fittings
  • Easily installed up a 90-115mm cut-out - saving time on installation
  • Insulation building into the cover
  • Cable tie control gear up and away from insulation
  • Sound proofing RW34 - RW38
  • Up to 2 hour fire rating
  • 10 Year Warranty

IMPORTANT! There maybe other cheaper products on the market, but they may not comply to AS/NZS 5110 Barrier Standard, they sometime also need to be assembled on site and they may not have a place to cable tie control gear.  Be sure to check that you are comparing our product with a Cover that complies to the barrier standard called up by AS/NZS 60598.

Contact us, or your luminaire manufacturer if you have any questions.  Not compatible with any Halogen Lighting fittings.

The Downlight Cover is a non ventilated downlight product which is designed to significantly improve the building performance inefficiencies with recessed lighting, while providing a sound proofing and and fire rating of up to 2 hours. .  The Downlight Cover is made out of an intumescent/insulative material taking downlight safety to a new level, whilst also providing an R-value of 0.5 above the luminaire.  This Downlight Cover product is designed primarily for LED fittings running LED transformers/control gear.  Installation of the Downlight Cover can be done from above or below the Ceiling.  Mastic should be used when installing from above, to create a fixing and an air tight fit.

The Efficiency Matrix Downlight Cover product is compatible with all IC rated LED Downlight fittings (recommended wattage of up to 13W).







Efficiency Matrix, is an Australian owned company which has been operating since June 2009.

Assisting society to reduce its operational footprint in a financially sustainable manner 

Money makes the world go around, we plan to make it go around for much less.

Criteria of our products/services:

Our products assist the continuity of the building envelope for

  • Fire rating
  • Sound proofing
  • Insulation
  • Air Tightness