Elicent Elegance Smart 150mm Humidity Sensor Bathroom Fan



Elicent Elegance Smart 150mm Humidity Sensor Bathroom Fan is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Elicent Elegance Smart 150mm humidity sensor fan can sense humidity and can adjust from 40% to 90% relative humidity. Air flow capacity is up to 315m3/h. 25 Watt fan.  Wall or Ceiling mounted.


• Innovative European slim line design with flat cover and lateral intake

• Quiet operation – innovative impellers permit limited noise level

• Made of high quality antistatic techno-polymer material

• European made

• Maintenance free – self lubricating sleeve bearing motor for long life & noiseless operation

• Max Volume - 315 m3/h or 87 L/sec, Max Pressure - 71 Pa, Wattage - 25


• Easy to install

• Supplied with back-draught shutters to prevent air from moving back into the room - thereby draught-proofing the fan

• Efficient removal of humidity reduces likelihood of mould growth in bathrooms/laundries.

Combine this fan with a door vent to significantly improve its performance, which you can also find in our store.  In order for any fan to work, it needs to be able to pull air from somewhere else, to move humidity out of the room, thereby helping prevent mould/mildew.

A standard bathroom is around 3m x 4m x 2.4m = 28.8m3

If you provide this fan with a door vent, the bathroom Air change rate will be conservatively 7-10 minutes.

Elicent MHY Fan Data Sheet

Elicent MHY Fan Wiring Options

How to Stop Bathroom Mould

Installation by an industry professional (electrician or air-conditioning installer) is recommended