Internal Building Membrane 1500mm x 30m Roll - Commercial Grade

Efficiency Matrix


ProctorGeo Vap120

is a heavy-duty vapour and air-retarding internal membrane, which provides an air-tight barrier for particularly high-humidity commercial buildings - such as indoor aquatic centres - when installed optimally.


  • It is slightly translucent, is light-weight, and has integrated tape to aid installation.
  • It is a polyolefin non-woven membrane that resists vapour diffusion in highly humid conditions to help prevent condensation, mould and timber rot occurring in ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Comes in rolls of 1.5 metre x 30 metres (approx 42 sq. metres coverage per roll)

It is not recommended for external use and should not be left exposed to UV for longer than 4 weeks.

Weight: 5.5kg per roll 

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When used together with the ProctorWrap SLS Duo double-sided Tape to secure to studs, Air Barrier Tape to tape joins, and the Corner Master Air Barrier Tape - to tape service penetrations, around windows and doors, during installation it will help provide an air-tight and vapour barrier.