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Six Rolls of 24mm double sided Butyl tape 30meters

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6 rolls of double sided butyl tape for sticking onto battens, to restrict the need for staples through vapour permeable membranes.

A high water-resistant butyl rubber adhesive coated on a polyethylene net to give it dimensional stability with a siliconised kraft paper release liner.  The adhesive conforms to rough, textured surfaces and has a wide range of applications for joining, sealing waterproofing and vibration absorption.  Butyl adhesives are useful for joining low energy surfaces such as PE


1.  Fixing and sealing of joints for waterproofing in construction & civil eng.

2.  Joining and sealing of membranes to battens and bearers

3.  Holding and sealing of sisalation in the HEVAC industry

4.  Mounting of light weight signage to textured surfaces e.g. rendered concrete

5.  Joining/mounting Corex/Corflute

6.  Vibration isolation of audio parts

Technical Details:    

Tape Thickness:                                   0.60mm

Breaking Load:                                    39  N/cm                                                                 Adhesion to Steel:                               9.8 N/cm

Service Temperature:                          -30º to 80º C

Storage Temperature:                         15º to 25º C

Shelf Life:                                            12 Months

Colour:                                                 Black


Surface Preparation        

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from surface contaminants prior to application.

Firm pressure should be applied across the entire surface and the use of a pressure roller is recommended.  The split liner allows for easy application and it is recommended that application be carried out between 5ºC and 40ºC.