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Fire Rated Loft Cover / Mitt

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$32.95 Regular price $34.95

Fire Rated Loft Cover for Lighting or Inceiling speakers (AS5110 Barrier Standard)

  • Easily and quickly installed from below the ceiling up a 95-120mm cutout
  • Suitable for LED recessed lighting of up to 25 Watt
  • Up to 2 hour fire rating (fire-resistance tested as per AS1530 Part 4)
  • Insulation built into the cover
  • Cable tie control gear up and away from insulation
  • Sound proofing
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Is a larger version of the Fire Rated Downlight cover 

    IMPORTANT! There maybe other cheaper products on the market, but they may not comply to AS/NZS 5110 Barrier Standard, they sometimes also need to be assembled on site and they may not have a place to cable tie control gear.  Be sure to check that you are comparing our product with a Cover that complies to the barrier standard called up by AS/NZS 60598.

    The Loft Mitt Cover includes an R-value unlike other downlight covers, this cover is only compatible with LED Luminaires and GU10 Halogen 50W globes only. This is the only product on the market that reduces draughts and insulates at the same time.

    The Downlight or Loft covers CANNOT be used with 50W or 35W MR16 Halogen Globes.

    Suitable for LED recessed lighting fitting wattage of 16watts to 25watts.  Contact us or your luminaire manufacturer if you have any questions.

    The Loft Mitt is an Insulation installers best friend, passing stringent standards with ease and enabling energy efficiency with its R-value and draft proofing of recessed light fittings or In-ceiling speakers. Primarily a cover that is installed from above the ceiling, this Cover can also be installed from below the ceiling up a 95-120mm hole (made for recessed lighting fitting or in-ceiling Speaker). This is the largest downlight cover in the family enabling quick and easy installation over 240V CFL fittings. The Loft Mitt cover is made of an insulating, sound proofing and fire rated material, allowing the installer to have piece of mind for safety with Lighting and sound performance/proofing for in-ceiling speakers.
    Have a look at the product Specs for the dimensions of this cover compared to others in the family for compatibility with fittings or in-ceiling speakers. Also take a look at our test reports for this cover on the right hand side of this page.

    This cover enables insulation to be installed all over the light fitting/in-ceiling speaker to enable, fire rating, sound proofing and energy efficiency for heating and cooling no matter whether you have insulation batts or blow in insulation.

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