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Corner Master Air Barrier Tape 75mm wide - Split Release (25 metres)

Corner Master Air Barrier Tape 75mm wide - Split Release (25 metres)

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Corner Master Air Barrier (AB) Building Membrane Tape (50:50 Split Release) 75mm (25 metres) Roll is high tack (strong adhesive) and ideal for taping up joins in internal construction and vapour-permeable/impermeable membranes and wall wraps to produce an air-tight seal between different types of surfaces both smooth and slightly rough surfaces.


  • Especially suited to tape and secure around services & plumbing penetrations, and around corners like windows and doors
  • Reinforced with polyester threads for strength
  • Chlorine and formaldehyde free
  • AB tape is white, and easy to see if it hasn't been applied correctly. The shadow line can easily be seen compared to other darker tapes on the market.  
  • The tape can bond to polyolefin non-woven membranes, aluminium faced insulation boards, plastics, metals, timber, MDF and other manufactured timber sheathings.

*Use Bondcrete for concrete or masonry surfaces.

If you purchase 1 box (of 8 rolls) you get a 10% discount

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