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Efficiency Door & Window Seal

Efficiency Door & Window Seal

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Efficiency Window and Door Seal

Our Door and Window Seal is different to others available on the market, as it can easily draught proof a range of gaps around most external doors and windows. Most doors, especially over time, suffer from inconsistent gaps from top to bottom, and this can cause problems of the door not closing properly with conventional seals.  This seal folds over and adjusts to the uneven gaps providing a trouble-free solution once installed but also over time, should not effect the door from closing or opening.

Steps for your door or window: (please remove any previously applied door seal product prior to using the Efficiency Window & Door Seal)


  • Easy to apply with 4 steps.  Apply and then fold over the flap
  • Helps reduce your energy bills for heating & cooling your home
  • Seals a range of gaps around most windows and doors (gaps ranging between 2mm - 10mm).
  • Get 20 metres or 50 metres, as opposed to just 5 metres, which in some cases won't even cover one wider-than-normal door.
  • 3M quality adhesion
  • Relatively cheap compared to other products on the market
  • Can also help reduce dust, pollen, smoke, fumes and excess noise entering your home
  • Durable
  • Comes in 3 colours (Brown, White, Clear) to match paintwork and 2 lengths (20m & 50m)

Width when installed: 11.75mm

Watch the video below for installation tips and more information:

[Not recommended for internal doors or across the bottom of doors. This product is designed to reduce draughts from entering a building from the outside, including fumes from the garage.]

Colour: Clear, White or Brown
Length: 20 metre or 50 metre
Material: Polypropylene (plastic)
Adhesive: 3M brand acrylic adhesive strip for reliable adhesion (on clean surface)
Model Name: Efficiency Door & Window Seal 23.5mm wide (11.75mm once installed & folded)

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