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Fulaflex 625 Hybrid Sealant - 600ml Sausage

Fulaflex 625 Hybrid Sealant - 600ml Sausage

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FulaFlex™ 625 is a high performance, isocyanate & polymer free, moisture curing hybrid polymer construction sealant (caulk) that provides a non-hazardous alternative to traditional polyurethane construction sealants. It cures to form a seal that is tough, elastic and weatherproof with good chemical resistance. FulaFlex™ 625 is a low modulus product ideal for sealing joints where high joint movement is anticipated.

  • Available in Light Grey or White (but is paintable)


  • Elastic & highly flexible (+/- 25%) so suitable for sealing joins which may experience significant expansion and contraction
  • Strong adhesion & sag resistant
  • Weatherproof - excellent resistance to weathering and UV radiation and resists yellowing
  • Meets the criteria of sealant for use in AS3740-2010 (Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas)
  • Mould Resistant
  • Isocyanate and solvent free
  • Excellent long term chemical resistance to seawater, caustic solutions and cleaning agents
  • Paintable with high build, flexible emulsion coatings


  • Sealing expansion and control joints in tiling, walls, roofs, wall, door and window frame perimeters, cladding & brickwork.
  • In applications where a level of chemical resistance is required
  • In seals where acoustic properties is required
  • As a weatherproofing perimeter fillet beneath weatherproofing membranes including those required to satisfy AS3740-2010
  • As a sealant in fibre cement facade systems (pre-testing recommended)

[Available for purchase in units or boxes of 12]

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