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Aerofresh 60 Mini Heat Recovery System

Aerofresh 60 Mini Heat Recovery System

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Aerofresh 60 decentralised heat recovery system (2 piece kit). The benefit of a heat recovery system in the home (or office) is that it provides continual fresh air at a comfortable temperature. The two synchronised units work together to alternate between supply ('push') and exhaust ('pull') to provide balanced air flow to help maintain healthy indoor air quality and prevent condensation and mould growth.  It is up to 82% effective at recovering heat from the indoor air whilst supplying fresh air and is simple to operate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides continuous (24 hours) clean fresh air at a comfortable temperature, reducing home heating and cooling costs
  • up to 82% efficient at recovering heat
  • It has a built in humidity control to automatically activate boost speed to reduce dampness and condensation and therefore preventing mould formation
  • 5 speed options, low energy consumption, high efficiency EC motor: 2 Watt at low speed, 6 Watts at highest speed
Speed 1: 20m3/h
Speed 2: 30m3/h
Speed 3: 40m3/h
Speed 4: 50m3/h
Speed 5: 60m3/h
  • Quiet operation – unique winglet-type impeller provides increased efficiency and low noise
  • LCD Remote control for easy operation - to adjust speed, air flow direction,  boost, efficiency and "free cooling"
  • "Free cooling" function allows cool outside night air to enter during summer
  • Telescopic tube makes unit adaptable to wall thicknesses from 300mm to 560mm
  • 1 year Warranty

How it works

  • Aerofresh 60 units are installed in pairs in separate rooms.
  • Both units alternate their air flow direction every 70 seconds (approx.) and are synchronised with each other so that while one unit is exhausting air, the other is supplying air into the home.
  • Incoming pre-conditioned fresh air reduces the demand for additional heating and cooling.
  • 8 to 10mm door undercut allows air flow when doors are closed.
  • When installing in a bedroom, ensure to position away from bed heads to avoid uncomfortable air flow and noise concerns.

A Spacer Box is required for walls less than 300mm thick.  For walls between 110mm to 300mm you will require the 190mm spacer box which can be cut down to suit your wall thickness.

ASHARE standard 62 recommends 0.35ACH for residential ventilation, therefore each fan unit can serve 85m2 (or 9 squares) and a pair of fans can serve 170m2 or 18 squares (provided the house has an unobstructed air path between the fans). If there is an obstructed air flow (as in a dual room application) more units may be required.  We would recommend that a minimum of a pair of fans be used in the home (or office) and that each utilized bedroom in a home have it's own unit installed.

Aerofresh 60 User & Installation Guide

Installation by an industry professional (electrician or air-conditioning installer) is recommended

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