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qVENT Door Vent - White - Improve bathroom ventilation or ducted heating return path connectivity

qVENT Door Vent - White - Improve bathroom ventilation or ducted heating return path connectivity

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The qVENT Type 3

Plastic Door Vent 

430mm x 182mm face dimensions [Hole size dimensions cutout: 390mm x 140mm]

Stock available late August 2024 - Special Introductory Price so pre-order now!

Introducing the qVENT Type 3 the latest Australian innovative design and made in Australia to support ventilation systems. It is specifically designed to enhance air circulation, energy efficiency, and sound attenuation in modern spaces. Our product stands out due to it louvre-less design made from durable plastic and fully patented to ensure exclusivity and superiority in the market.

 Key Benefits of qVENT Type 3

  1.  Superior Sound Attenuation: Our mirrored design incorporates high-quality sound-absorbing foam, offering unmatched noise reduction compared to conventional louvered vents.
  2. Enhanced Airflow: qVENT Type 3's design ensures excellent airflow, promoting better ventilation, reducing condensation, and improving overall air quality.
  3. Security and Privacy: Our design restricts inspection cameras more effectively, providing better privacy.
  4. Modern Aesthetic: qVENT Type 3 features a sleek, contemporary design with recessed screw fixings, blending seamlessly with modern interiors.
  5. Energy Efficiency: By facilitating better air movement even when doors are closed, Qvent Type 3 contributes to a more energy-efficient heating system, reducing energy usage and costs.
  6. No Undercut Needed: Eliminates the need for door undercuts, enhancing acoustic performance and preventing pests like mice and insects from infiltrating through closed doors.

Why Choose qVENT Type 3 Over Competitors?

Outdated Designs: Competing louvered vent designs are aesthetically dated and visibly marred by exposed screw fixings.

Ineffective Sound Attenuation: Most existing systems do not offer effective sound mitigation and cannot be retrofitted with sound absorption materials.

Security Flaw: Conventional louvered vents and gaps under doors are susceptible to privacy breaches via inspection cameras.

Design Shortcomings: Many rival products feature components that fit inside each other, causing sound vibrations to travel through the materials.


qVENT Type 3 transcends current door vent systems with its innovative, patented upside-down mirrored design. It is not merely a vent but a comprehensive solution to enhance energy efficiency, sound attenuation, security, and overall air quality within any building. Choose qVENT Type 3 for a modern, efficient, and more secure approach to door ventilation and improving the indoor air quality in your building.

For more information as to why you might want to provide air for ceiling fans, click here or understand ducted heating energy efficiency

In many cases Bathroom and Toilet fans cannot get of enough air to move through the fan. With air coming from down low in a door, humidity and smells move quickly and efficiently outside via your ceiling fan.

At Efficiency Matrix we take air flow quite seriously, so we measured the actual flow rates within an average bathroom with a single ceiling fan. With a door vent fitted, the flow of air up and out of the ceiling fan is increased by 33%.  The substantial increase in air flow as a result of a door vent can improve air quality and thus lessen the incidence of mould.

Ducted heating systems can become unbalanced when the supply vent in a home is not able to get back to the return vent.  This happens when doors in the home are kept closed.  The best way to solve this problem, is to let the air get back via a door grill.

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