Bradfix Plasti-Grip Washers

Efficiency Matrix


Bradfix Plasti-Grip Washers are used as a superior alternative to staples where a weather proof and air-tight seal is required making the external wall membrane/wrap more resistant to tear and 'pull-out' from the frame.


  • Made of polypropylene material
  • Suitable for internal and external wrap
  • Superior alternative to staples when fixing wraps to frames
  • Suitable for fixing rigid foam and insulation boards
  • Easy counter sunk screw installation (8g - 10g) for steel frame (screws provided by builder)
  • Easy flat head nail installation (galv clouts) for timber frame (nails provided by builder)
  • The special 45mm diameter x 5mm deep cupped head seals the washer to the substrate and distributes the load over a wide area, greatly improving resistance to wind damage and allowing fastener spacing to be increased
  • Recommended spacing of the Bradfix Washers with the Enviroseal wraps is 600mm horizontally and 750mm vertically (4 per m2) but this can vary dependent on the site conditions and construction method.

This product is not recommended for:

  • prolonged exposure to UV once installed 

When used together with the Enviroseal external wrap products it will help provide a weather proof and air-tight barrier.

Bradfix Plasti-Grip Washer Data Sheet