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Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensor

Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensor

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The Ceiling Mounted recessed PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor detects movement and automatically activates an exhaust fan to help to remove odours efficiently - particularly suited to toilets and/or bathrooms with a toilet.

Suitable for new construction and retro-fit installations:  Commercial and residential toilets.

The PIR Sensor can be easily installed by a licensed electrician.


• Automated

• Offers energy savings as the fan is activated only when necessary

• Standby power <1W

• Duration time adjustable from 10 seconds to 4 minutes

• Small and discreet – the unit is approximately the same size as a downlight

• Manual override mode: When the lamp(s) is switched on, turn the lamp(s) off/on twice within 3 seconds, the sensor will go to an 8 hour override mode, during which the lamp(s) will stay on. The sensor will then return to normal detection mode During override mode, turn the lamp(s) on/off twice within 3 seconds or turn off the lamp(s) for over 10 seconds, the sensor will return to normal detection mode.

• 2 year commercial & residential warranty

Dimensions: 76mm external diameter, 75mm height, internal 61mm



• Material - Polyvinyl Chloride

• Lux control - Dawn to Dusk

• Output - Max. 300W LED

• Input - 240V-50Hz

• Detection Area - 360 degrees, 9m maximum diameter

• Mounting Height - 4.5m max.

• Fitting Colour - White

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