Fire Rated Small Basic Cover

Brand: Efficiency Matrix

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A small cover for fitting up very small plasterboard/wood cutouts for fire rating low wattage devices like emergency lighting. Small Basic Cover fits snugly up a cut out hole as little as 60mm and is fire rated for up to 2 hours. It quickly and efficiently fire rates ceiling penetrations with installation from below the ceiling. Suitable for low voltage emergency lighting & sensors up to 5 Watts.

Made out of the same material as the Downlight Cover and Loft Mitt, its a great solution for retrofitting fire ratings from below the ceiling.

Cut-Out Size



Internal Width 130mm; External Width 155mm; Height 160mm


1 - 5 Units = $15

6 - 15 Units = $25

16 - 48 Units = $30


Efficiency Matrix, is an Australian owned company which has been operating since June 2009.

Assisting society to reduce its operational footprint in a financially sustainable manner 

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Criteria of our products/services:

Our products assist the continuity of the building envelope for

  • Fire rating
  • Sound proofing
  • Insulation
  • Air Tightness