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SmartVap 100 Internal Building Wrap 1500mm x 30m Roll - Residential Grade

SmartVap 100 Internal Building Wrap 1500mm x 30m Roll - Residential Grade

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ProctorPassive SmartVap 100

An internal membrane which provides an air-tight barrier for mainly residential buildings, when installed optimally


  • It is semi-translucent, and is also light-weight, to aid installation
  • It is a double layer polyamide film that provides variable vapour diffusion resistance depending on the ambient humidity conditions to help prevent condensation, mould and timber rot occurring in ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Comes in rolls of 1.5 x 30 metres (approx. 42 sq. metres coverage per roll)
  • It is not recommended for external use and should not be left exposed to UV for longer than 4 weeks

Physical Weight: 4.7kg per roll

Cubic Weight (used for calculating freight charges): 11.1 kg per roll - 

When used together with the Double-Sided Polyacrylic Building Membrane Tape for attaching the membrane to the studs,  Air Barrier Tape to tape joins and the Corner Master Air Barrier Tape to tape penetrations, around windows and doors -  it will help provide an air-tight barrier.

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