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ProctorPassive Wraptite SA Commercial Grade Building Wrap

ProctorPassive Wraptite SA Commercial Grade Building Wrap

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ProctorPassive Wraptite SA is a self-adhesive membrane/wrap which provides an air-tight barrier for commercial buildings, when installed optimally.


  • It is self-adhesive using an innovative, patented full-coverage air permeable adhesive for ease of installation and thereby minimises the need for taping
  • It is highly vapour permeable
  • It is both water resistant and an an exceptional air barrier
  • Zero VOC's
  • Tough laminate construction resists punctures & tears
  • Comes in rolls of 1.5 x 50 metres
  • Roll Coverage with recommended 75mm overlaps - 71.25m²


High vapour permeability qualities of the membrane/wrap allows sheathing to dry quickly and moisture to escape thereby reducing the likelihood of condensation forming.  This therefore has the following benefits:

  • limiting mould & mildew growth within walls and ceilings and therefore ensuring good internal air quality
  • limiting timber distortion and metal corrosion of the building fabric

Wraptite SA should be covered as soon as possible after installation to protect against damage by strong winds and exposure to UV (no longer than 2 months).


Refer to your building designer's instructions. Wraptite SA should be installed in accordance with the installation guide. Wraptite SA fully bonds without mechanical attachments to most substrates for ease of installation, requiring minimal use of sealants or tapes.

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