ProctorWrap Residential Wall Wrap (RW-IT)

Efficiency Matrix


ProctorWrap RW-IT (Residential Wall with Integrated Tape)  is a residential grade external vapour permeable membrane with Integrated Tape which provides a weather proof barrier for residential buildings, when installed optimally.


  • For residential construction up to 2 storey in height
  • It has Integrated Tape for ease of use
  • Recommended for brick veneer/lightweight clad wall construction
  • It has a triple layer polyolefin non-woven film, used for condensation control
  • Comes in rolls of 1.5 x 50 metres (approx. 67.5 m2 coverage per roll).
  • Recommended for use in cooler climate zones where humidity inside the building will be higher than outside (NCC Climate Zones 2-8)

This product is not recommended for:

  • High rise construction or where building is exposed to high winds
  • prolonged exposure (longer than 2 months) to UV or weather once installed 
  • for use in tropical climates (NCC Climate Zone 1)

When used together with the ProctorWrap High Tack Tape 60mm (Black) during installation to tape joins, penetrations, and around windows and doors - and Plasti-Grip Washers to fasten to wooden and steel frames -  it will help provide a weather proof and air-tight barrier.

Physical Weight: 8kg per roll

Cubic Weight (for calculating postage): 35.1 kg per roll

ProctorWrap RW-IT Product Data Sheet

ProctorWrap RW-IT Installation Guide