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Thermoseal FireSpec Wall Wrap & Roof Sarking

Thermoseal FireSpec Wall Wrap & Roof Sarking

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Thermoseal FireSpec External Wall Wrap & Roof Sarking is a single-sided reflective foil laminate (vapour barrier) which provides an extra heavy duty, weather proof, air-tight and non-combustible weather barrier, when installed optimally.


  • It has a single-sided reflective pure aluminium foil laminate and white high temperature woven glass fabric.
  • Firespec can be used where a non-combustible is required in accordance with the NCC 2019 Volume 1 and 2, refer Product Technical Statement below.
  • Meets the requirements of sarking for construction of buildings in bushfire-prone regions BAL 12.5 to FZ
  • Can be used as a non-combustible air/vapour barrier to improve the air-tightness of a building when installed optimally.
  • Comes in rolls of 1.5 x 30 metres (approx. 40.5m2 coverage per roll).

Special Note: This product is classified as a vapour barrier and when installed on the cold side of construction may be increased risk of condensation entrapment.

This product is not recommended for:

  • prolonged UV exposure (no longer than 6 weeks for wall or 2 weeks in roof applications ) once installed
  • use as a vapour permeable building membrane due to condensation risk and this must be considered.

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When used together with the Air Barrier Tape to tape joins and the Corner Master Air Barrier Tape to tape penetrations, around windows and doors - it will help provide a weather and airtight barrier.

Note: High Tack Tape is a combustible material.

Thermoseal FireSpec Product Technical Statement

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