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ProctorPassive YouRippa Duo Tape (Black)

ProctorPassive YouRippa Duo Tape (Black)

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ProctorPassive YouRippa Duo Tape (Black)

 - 30mm x 20m

ProctorPassive YouRippa Duo Tape is a double sided tape made with an aggressive, moisture resistant polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive with superior ageing resistance. It is ideal for attaching building membrane to studs (instead of using staples which pierce or can tear the membrane).


YouRippa Duo Tape is ideal for air-tight bonding and sealing of overlaps of air and vapour barriers and vapour permeable membranes. The tape is suitable for bonding of smooth and slightly rough surfaces and can be used to provide a bond to steel or timber framing prior to the immediate mechanical fixing of the membrane.


  • Easy to tear without needing a cutter or scissors, therefore quick & easy to use
  • Black carrier for visibility of tape location
  • Less adhesive residue on the installers hands
  • Release liner for 2 stage application
  • Moisture resistant
  • Strong, yet very thin
  • Free of toluene, xylene or plasticizers
  • Excellent ageing resistance
  • Multiple substrate compatibility
  • Air, water and vapour tight
  • Manufactured in Japan


Installation of YouRippa Duo Tape must be in accordance with the installation instructions.
As with all pressure sensitive tapes, in order to ensure a strong bond, apply pressure on both sides of the material when applying the tape.
Surfaces being adhered must be dry and free of surfactants, release agents like grease or oil, and dirt or dust. Damp or cold surfaces may prove difficult to adhere to and should be allowed to dry and return to a temperature between +5°C + 40°C prior to application of tape.
All mechanical load on membranes should be distributed to mechanical fasteners, the tape not being applied under mechanical load. The use of adhesive tape is not a substitute for the correct fixing of the materials.

Automatic 10% discount if you purchase a box of 32 rolls

Link to ProctorPassive YouRippa Duo PDS

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